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Our company delivers IT services for customers all over the world. We're managing multi-vendor IT infrastructure, troubleshooting network devices and IT services for both MS and Linux based operating systems, based on safe remote access technologies.


We've got all You need

Our experience gathered over many years help us delivering high level of IT services on many IT fields. Customers can be sure that Their devices and services will get best maintanance. We work with many vendors and operating systems. No matter if Your enterprise has Cisco, Aruba, Sophos, Juniper or any other devices. We're here.

Our technical knowledge is proved by leading vendor certificates.

As an architects of many solutions - we're planing IT infrastructure, providing answers and help in many IT battlefields. We're ready to lead You through IT services redesign or expand. Help to fire new sites, implement directory services or upgrade service level. We support new application and device deployment, planing high availability of IT services.

What makes us special?

What makes us special?


We're using many kinds of remote access dependent on client needs, which makes us ready to offer help any time You need.


This factor make us better than other IT companies. We love what we do.


Thanks to our experience we know precisely where to look for and how to identify problems. That's why our solution will always fit the case.


Responsibility is what we're familiar with. All changes in client environment must be approved. Backup is made every time change is going to be performed. There is no place for experiments - we're facing the case with state of the art methods only.

Rules of engagement

Clear agreement

Cooperation with our Partners is always based on written agreements. Overall experience showed us that it's the only reliable way of delivering trusted IT services. It guarantee satisfaction for both sides. Moreover - every agreement is individual and deliveres estabilished SLA and reaction times to fit our customers requirements.

Readiness and prevention

Delivering IT services is not mining or on-tape work in factory. Developing and maintaining high level of reliability cannot be translated into tons of coal or produced goods. Our partners are demanding high level of IT availability based on prevention, not only incidents solving. We're trying to be stealth for our partners to not impact their services and still be trusted.

Reaction time

Agreements regulate all needed SLAs and expected reaction times depending on how big part of IT service is affected and how wide the incident spread. Our reaction is instant. Thats importand for Customer satisfaction and builidng right level of trust. However sometimes it's hard to estimate how much time it will take to solve the problem - especally when root cause stays unknown - we're ofering finish-time based on disaster recovery estimations when no other way is present or time is a factor.


SLA times are importand in agreements, but we're always going step further. Whenever situation rrequires - we're ready to work out of agreed hours for our customer satisfaction, when time is a factor. We understand that the key systems should be serviced out of work hours and production systems should never be impacted during business.


IT functional documentation should be considered as a key value of a system. Lack of proper IT system description is often real problem of our clients and whats even more importand - cause of many human errors and therfore incidents. Understanding it's value - we're always ready to help You creating and updating plans, schemas, drawings and system documentation. During deployment we always considering and developing propoer documentation like architecture, instructions, High and Low Level Designs.

Servers management

Servers are crucial for IT infrastructure

They allow storing and using databases and files, centralizing network device management, deliver core functionalities like DHCP, DNS, NTP, WINS, WDS, WSUS services and allow data visualization in web services. They can handle printing queues and application deployment. Servers are allowing IT virtualization, delivers catalog services like Active Directory, enforcing GPO rules and many more.

They can perform any role in enterprise, that's why so important is to have them handled by professional team who takes care of server administration. We stand up on experience and knowledge - handling server maintenance for both WIndows and Linux/BSD based operating systems. We're delivering services for server software and hardware.

If You need professional assistance for server administration, virtualization, Active Directory deployment, performing high availability tasks like clustering or load balancing - You can count on us.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is an idea of moving services and infrastructure out of local scope to external company or site

Nowadays a lot of companies moves almost entire IT infrastructure out of their locations leaving only cheap technical stuff onsite. That makes a lot of savings - no need to hire high level engineers if there is nothing for them to handle. Whats eevn more importand external Data Centers and companies can deliver proper level of service - including things like power source backups, automated data backups, proper and constant humidity and temperature, security level and so on. It's possible to use Data Center resources in any vCPU/vRAM/vStorage configuration needed or prepare own servers colocation.

Our company plans and perform migration to cloud and develop proper IT services for local sites to ensure stable connectivity to central resources

IT services and operations

IT infrastructure requires proper attendance for client devices - everyday struggles and issues with endpoint devices should be minimalized to minimum and handled quickly. Any incidents should be reported to company delivering IT services and solved. Remote services are alternative for own IT team - it's possible to deliver proper SLA by using professional remote access tools like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, VPN and many more.

Our company delivers IT operations and services using remote access tools to quickly solve any issues of our customers

Network Management

Network Management

Network devices and servers are two most crucial elements of IT infrastructure

Hard to imagine a workplace without sharing resources, database access, outside world connection or even browsking websites. Communication between endpoints is achievable by network devices like routers, switches, access points, but also network storage devices like SAN and NAS

Because we understand that network collaboration is essential for every company - we deliver network operation services based on leading manufacturers devices like Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda, Sophos and many more. We're configuring, securing ,analyzing and developing network configuration to make it fully compliant with Your requirements.


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